Rapid Application Configuration platform

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  • AppSavy serves as a zero code rapid application configuration platform that minimizes the need for costly and time taking software delivery.

  • Empower your business while supporting a spectrum of cloud solutions across your organization on one platform.

    By using AppSavy you:

  • a) Minimize IT Efforts

    By building applications on one AppSavyplatform, you drastically reduce the hours spend on software development, testing and deployment. AppSavyseamlessly integrates with your other key applications and streamline your IT environment.

  • b) Effectively respond to the needs of the business!

    Rapidly deploy applications with robust, out-of-the-box functionality, scalable, quick change management are need of every Organisationto keep up with regularly changing complex business processes.

  • c) Realize more value, faster


    By minimizing time to market, cost of custom coding and multiple niche vendors, you are bound to receive a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

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Available across platform on Android, iOS and web

Lorium Ipsum
  • a) Getting Started With AppSavy!

    Getting Started With AppSavy! An Even More Powerful Web Based Mobile Experience with Native APIs The AppSavy platform allows you to specify the “scope” of your apps, therefore AppSavy APIs that help us blur the lines between the feature set of native apps andallow you to have access atmultiple platform Web and Android, iOS.

  • b) No Need oftesting

    Ensure your app looks and works exactly as you intended whether you’re targeting iOS, Android or Web, AppSavy is native platform have advanced features create/configure business application with few click means no required of programming or testing skills.

  • c) Open Source

    AppSavy mobile application platform helping you to you can customized/navigate own app through open source tools, frameworks.AppSavyreduced time and maintenancecost, its time consuming and cost effective feature don’t needed of dozens of cross-platform plugins for updating.
    You can build your AppSavy app instantly; we have the technical depth and breadth to help you navigate the complexity of open source software configuration roadmap tips and idea.All this same great functionality is available in our platform as well. Visit for pricing plan section and get started.


No Coding Knowhow required

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  • AppSavy is completely configuration based platform, go ahead and design simple applications to complex workflow driven business process requirements on the fly.

  • a) Build the application without code

    A code free framework equips you to point-and-click configure business apps in quickly according to your expectation.It’s usefully for corporate demands for governance and control. You don’t need to be programing skills or developer to create and deployed AppSavy. Use checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus to configure and change solutions.

  • b) App Deployment!

    AppSavy enables freedom from complex and time consuming Mobile App Deployment procedures. Your configurations are readily available to your stakeholders on AppSavy apps already deployed.

  • c) Zero dependency of Technical resources

    Hiring and Retaining Skilled technical resources is a continuous challenge for every Organisation. AppSavy gives you freedom from dependency on skilled resources for creation, deployment and maintenance of softwares.

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Intuitive Data analytics and Graphical reporting

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Lorium Ipsum
  • a) Configure Reports & dashboard as per requirement

  • b) View on the Go- Mobile based native apps for rich user experience on dashboard

  • c) Scheduled Mails and Notification